Sales Start
LED Light Source(ULS-2270R)
LED Light Source(ULS-4525)
MSD-series Signal Generator
LED Lighting Board(UNOX Board)
Mobile (Truck)Application LED Lamp
Low Voltae LED Light
Automatic Flicker Adjustment System
Signal Generator for 4k4k Display
Signal Generator for 4k2k Display
eDP Signal Convertor
Compact Type MIPI Signal Generator
Signal Generator for Inspection of LCD Module
110W Straight LED Illumination Light Power Saving Type
10W Straight LED Illumination Light 2011/April~
Sales Start of LED Crime-Prevention Light
Specifications Change
Straight LED Illumination Light
LED Light Bulb(Illuminance Adjustment Type,General Light Bulb Type)2011/Jan.~
LED Illumination with Light Apparatus
Combined Type LED Illumination Light
LED Bulb Sales Start 2010/July~
FPD Equipment Specifications
Renewal 2010/June~
Manufacturing of Circuit Boards in OEM/ODM Contract
Sales Start of LED Illumination Light for System Ceiling
Sales Start of Straight LED Illumination Light